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List of TEI Modules
Module nameA short descriptionChanges
addanalysis?Simple analytic mechanisms
addcertainty?Certainty, Precision, and Responsibility
addcore?Elements common to all TEI documents
addcorpus?Corpus texts
adddrama?Performance texts
addfigures?Tables, formulæ, notated music, and figures
addgaiji?Character and glyph documentation
addheader?The TEI header
addiso-fs?Feature structures
addlinking?Linking, segmentation, and alignment
addmsdescription?Manuscript Description
addnamesdates?Names and dates
addnets?Graphs, networks, and trees
addspoken?Transcribed Speech
addtagdocs?Documentation of TEI and other XML markup languages
addtextcrit?Critical Apparatus
addtextstructure?Default text structure
addtranscr?Transcription of primary sources
addverse?Verse structures
List of selected Modules